Before emailing me, please read the Frequently Asked Questions below.


1. If I can only do one section of the trail, which should it be?

In my humble opinion...

If you live in the south and beautiful scenery is your priority, you should visit North Carolina and Tennessee. 

If you live in the south and having an amazing off-road adventure is your priority, you should visit Virginia.

If you live in the north and beautiful scenery is your priority, you should visit Maine.

If you live in the north and having an off-road adventure is your priority, you should visit Vermont. 


2. Are there free, primitive campsites on Road X?

I purposely did not include the location of primitive campsites on my maps. Part of the fun of overlanding is finding them as you go and I (selfishly) do not want my hidden gem campsites becoming overcrowded. If you would like to plan ahead you can either call the local ranger's station and ask if there are primitive campsites available in that area or you can download the iOverlander app.  The app will show the location of different types of campsites.  You should also have a paper map that clearly shows what is public and what is private land. Do not camp on private property without the owner's permission. 

4. How far will I be able to drive in a day? 

That really depends on two main variables. First, how frequently will you stop to take pictures, explore, swim, get gas, use the bathroom, let the kids stretch their legs, etc.?  Second, how fast do you drive off road? My suggestion is to use Google maps to chart out your course while you are at home. I have found that it gives a pretty accurate time estimate, even on dirt roads. However, do not rely on Google maps while actually driving in the remote areas of the Appalachian Byway.  You will lose cell service where your GPS app will still work.


5. What should I bring?


Bring camping gear, vehicle recovery gear, and enough food and water to last a few days. Oh, and bring a chain saw. I learned that lesson the hard way (see the attached photo). For a complete list of suggested items for an overland trip, you should visit Overland Bound's website/blog.  I've included the link below. They have several articles addressing what you may or may not need on a trip.


6. What modifications do you have on the 4runner in the pictures?


It is a 2007 4runner with a 3 inch toytec suspension lift, 33 inch BFG TA KO2s (highly recommended), White Knuckle rock sliders, and a Wilco Hitchgate Solo as a tire carrier. 


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