Use the resources below to personalize your own overland route.


Important Overlanding Rule: Always follow "Tread Lightly" principles!

Don't know what they are? Click the link below to learn.



TIP: Most of the dirt roads we found in Maine were well maintained and could be accessed with the average street vehicle. (This is highly dependent on the weather, the local maintenance schedule, and your driving ability.)

the maine atlas and gazetteer


This is the paper map I used while creating the Appalachian Byway. 

NOTE: Logging roads will appear on Google maps as named, public roads.  The advantage this atlas has over Google is that it shows where the logging roads are gated. 



TIP: Do not drive on Class 4 roads in Vermont unless you have a true 4wd vehicle with proper ground clearance, off-road tires, and recovery gear. The Class 4 roads in Vermont are unmaintained and are drive at your own risk. 

National Geographic Maps 747 & 748

Vermont Maps.jpg

Green Mountain National Forest North (747) – I found this map very helpful when used in conjunction with the online resources listed below.  You can find some very fun/challenging Class 4 roads in this area. 

Green Mountain National Forest South (748) – This map contains some of the best off road trials on the Appalachian Byway.  

Vtrans town highway maps


The link above will take you to a site created by the Vermont Agency of Transportation. These maps are a good starting point, but do not rely on them completely.  My brother-in-law and I found that many of the dirt roads listed were actually driveways or they did not exist at all. If you are trying to follow these maps, have the National Geographic maps and Google Maps on hand. 



New Jersey

Island Beach State Park


The two links above will tell you everything you need to know about planning a trip to Island Beach State Park.  But to summarize... to drive on the beach you will need a Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Permit and they are not cheap. If you live in NJ it is $75 for a 3 day permit and $195 for an annual permit. It's a little more if you live out of state. CAMPING IS NOT ALLOWED ON IBSP.  However, if you have a Mobile Sport Fishing Vehicle Permit, the park is open to you 24 hours a day as long as you are "actively in the pursuit of fishing." Camp fires are allowed in designated areas.  

NOTE: The sand is very soft. You will definitely need to air down your tires. I usually take mine down to about 18-20 PSI.

NOTE: Only swim in areas where life guards are present. 

Wharton State Forest


Wharton State Forest has miles and miles of trails through the pine barrens. Keep an eye out for the Jersey Devil and definitely stay on the legal roads. Maps of the legal trails are available at the Batsto Village Visitors Center. 






Purple Lizard Maps

Purple Lizard.jpg 

These guys have made a bunch of high quality maps of central PA. Click on the link above to check them out. I believe they are working on some new WV maps as well. 


Virginia and West Virginia

George Washington & Jefferson National Forests



The Link Above will take you to a PDF of the Motor Vehicle Use Map for the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests. This was my most valuable resource for planning the first overland trip I ever did. After traveling the entire Appalachian Byway, I can say that the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests were my favorite sections of the route. They have the best mix of off-road trails, beautiful scenery, and primitive campsites.